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We use our vast experience to build yours. We can act as your direct representative with customs authorities and take away the complexity of your customs applications and processes.

You may be eligible for free grant funding for all our services.

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Next Training Course:  Customs Rules of Origin

Understanding Customs Rules of Origin can add significant financial and operational benefits to your international supply chain.

This course will focus on customs origin management within your organization and how to remain compliant with customs and tax authorities when claiming preferential origin on your product. Suitable for customs clearance agents and manufacturers.

Next Course:  Tuesday 30th November 2021, 9.30am – 1.00pm via Zoom

Cost: €295 per person 

Includes: Course documentation 

Course fee covered by InterTrade Ireland Brexit Voucher

Next Training Course:  Global Customs Compliance Workshop

Customs compliance obligations live long after your shipments have been imported or exported.

This course will cover all your key responsibilities in terms of customs compliance; what you need to do and what your transport or customs partners need to do. Covering the key risk areas such as operations, finance and regulatory, the course takes a practical approach to maintaining a compliant and efficient customs supply chain.

Next Course:  Friday 3rd December 2021 , 9.30am – 1.00pm via Zoom

Cost: €295 per person 

Includes: Course documentation 

Course fee covered by InterTrade Ireland Brexit Voucher

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Brexit Services

Preparing your business for post Brexit trading with the UK. We will get you ready with minimal disruption to your operations.

Customs Consultancy

Bespoke advice focussed on your organisations needs and strategy, adding real value to your services.


Customs and Compliance training designed for your needs. We deliver content you can trust and build on.

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WTO COVID-19 WTO COVID-19: Trade and trade-related measures & restrictions for traded goods. To read more click on the link

Exports outside the EU

Exports outside the EU

Exports outside the EU. Exports outside the EU are projected to decline by 9.2% in 2020. 1 in 7 jobs in the EU depends on exports. To read more click on the link

Brexit customs free funding

Brexit customs free funding

Brexit customs free funding Global Trade are approved service providers for Intertrade Ireland on their Brexit planning voucher funding scheme. Checkout this link FUNDING to see if you qualify for €2250 worth of free financial support from Intertrade...

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European Union

Brexit, some questions answered.

What is THe NEW EU-UK TCA?

The new trading relationship between the EU and UK is now governed by a trade agreement, the EU-UK Trade Cooperation Agreement. The rules of the ‘new game’ are contained in this 1200 page document.  The good news is that understanding and applying these rules correctly can mitigate the many new risks that are involved in new EU-UK trading relationship. There are many opportunities in this new agreement, including ways to reduce your new customs and supply chain costs and maintain your pre-Brexit efficiencies.

Brexit Consulting will do what for me?

Our in-depth knowledge of customs operations between the EU and other ‘third countries’ will ensure you have a full understanding of your exposure to the new trading environment. We will break through the complexity and deliver the answers you need.

How will Brexit affect my business?

Depending on whether you are trading with the UK, or using the UK as a landbridge to access mainland Europe, Brexit will affect your supply chain. From your freight lead times to financial obligations with customs authorities, you will operate in a new way. This new way of working does not need to be overly complicated or expensive for your business.

What help is my business entitled to?

Global Trade is a registered service provider on Intertrade Ireland’s Brexit advisory panel. You may be eligible for €2,250 in grant funding for our services.

See Intertrade Ireland Brexit Funding Planning Voucher  

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