Brexit Readiness

Are you prepared for the new customs environment between the EU and UK?

How can we help?

The UK is no longer part of the EU’s institutions and will leave the EU Customs Union and Single. We can walk you through the end-to-end process and train your teams to be fully independent in all processes required including your new regulatory and legal responsibilities.
The following are key aspects of your Brexit readiness plan:

  • Tariff Classification for your products
  • Auditing you Item master so all data is correct and up to date
  • Understanding the origin rules of your products
  • How to submit customs declarations and the key data involved
  • Your financial responsibilities to Irish and UK customs
  • How to navigate all customs IT systems and how to choose a partner if required
  • Additional customs paperwork depending on your product and industry and where to obtain these.
  • Customs business understanding


Planning for UK trade and landbridge access post Brexit does not need to be overly complicated from a customs perspective. Many of the requirements might already be within your operations. We can provide all the assistance required so you are fully prepared for this new supply chain.

Need assistance with submitting your customs or transit declarations? We can act as your customs representative and manage all your customs interactions for any operations related to the UK.

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